Overview - Social Responsibility

Each credit union is an integral part of the community it serves, whether that community is made up of cities and towns, a workplace or a community formed by people who share an interest of some kind.  Unlike for-profit financial institutions, credit unions are cooperatives that exist solely for the purpose of providing for the financial needs of their members. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand how naturally Social Responsibility comes to credit unions.

The Association actively supports and encourages credit unions in their community outreach efforts. In support of those efforts, the Association maintains a committee on Social Responsibility in each state. The purpose of the committees is to develop a unified plan of social responsibility for the Association through recommendations to the Association's Board of Directors. That plan features programs and events that focus statewide efforts on affordable housing, financial literacy, and designated charitable and community activities that enhance the positive image of credit unions as well as the public's overall awareness of them.

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Massachusetts Social Responsibility

New Hampshire Social Responsibility

Rhode Island Social Responsibility