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Advanced ACH Specialist Series:Defining & Identifying Third-Party Senders

Wed 2nd Sep 2015

Members for Life:  Creating an Effective Member Retention Plan

Thu 3rd Sep 2015

HR Series: HR Danger Zones:  Regulations, Requirements & Best Practices to Keep You Out of Trouble

Wed 9th Sep 2015

Loan Concentration Management:  Evaluation, Risk Tolerance & Regulatory Guidance

Thu 10th Sep 2015

Loan Underwriting Basics:  Interviewing, Credit Reports, Debt Ratios & Regulation B

Tue 15th Sep 2015

Managing the 8 Categories of Risk Assessment

Wed 16th Sep 2015

Director Series: UDAAP for the Board & Senior Management

Thu 17th Sep 2015

Imaged Documents:  What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds up in Court?

Tue 22nd Sep 2015

Regulator Guidance & Issues in ATM Security

Wed 23rd Sep 2015

IRA Series: Auditing IRAs Step-by-Step

Thu 24th Sep 2015

Required Compliance Series: Compliance Regulations for Deposit Operations

Tue 29th Sep 2015

Mortgage Advertising:  Keeping Your Promotions Compliant

Wed 30th Sep 2015

Regulatory & Legal Risks of Overdraft Protection:  Recent Issues & Best Practices

Thu 1st Oct 2015

Call Report Preparation:Advanced Lending Schedules,Including Schedule A Specialized Lending and More

Tue 6th Oct 2015

Powers-of-Attorney & Living Trust Documents:  Guidelines for Deposit Accounts & Loans

Wed 7th Oct 2015

Regulation E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation

Thu 8th Oct 2015

The New Flood Rules, Including the Mandatory Escrow Rule Effective January 1, 2016

Tue 13th Oct 2015

Adv. Fin. Literacy Update for New & Experienced Directors: ALM Primer & New Fin. Accounting & Risk

Wed 14th Oct 2015

Advanced ACH Specialist Series: Understanding & Navigating ACH Rules for ODFIs

Tue 20th Oct 2015

The Ins & Outs of Credit Union Share Insurance:  Protecting Your Member

Wed 21st Oct 2015

New Accounts Series:Opening Accounts for Minors: Ownership, Access & Transactions

Thu 22nd Oct 2015

Adverse Action: Consumer & Mortgage Loan Best Practices

Tue 27th Oct 2015

Supervisory Committee Duties & Responsibilities

Wed 28th Oct 2015

Form 1099 Reporting:  Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More

Tue 3rd Nov 2015

Director Series:Interest Rate Risk Policies,Considerations & Consequences:What Directors Should Know

Wed 4th Nov 2015

Increasing Sales Now: How to Develop & Implement an Effective Internal Sales Campaign

Thu 5th Nov 2015

Preparing for the Impact of Same Day ACH

Mon 9th Nov 2015

IRA Series: IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution

Tue 10th Nov 2015

Required Compliance Series: Regulatory Requirements for the Board & Senior Management

Thu 12th Nov 2015

CECL, the ALLL & FASB’s Proposed Standard for Recognizing Credit Impairment

Mon 16th Nov 2015

The New Security Officer:  Responsibilities, Best Practices & Skill-Building Tools

Tue 17th Nov 2015

Nuts & Bolts of Effective Metro 2 Credit Reporting via e-OSCAR

Wed 18th Nov 2015

Responsibilities & Liability When Check or ACH Fraud Occur

Thu 19th Nov 2015

Top 10 Mistakes in Deposit Compliance Exams

Tue 24th Nov 2015

Call Report Preparation: Fin. Statements, Including Schedule B Investments, C CUSOs & D Derivatives

Tue 1st Dec 2015

Appraisals for Non-Performing Assets

Wed 2nd Dec 2015

Advanced ACH Specialist Series: Reg E Error Resolution Rules Versus NACHA Operating Rules:

Thu 3rd Dec 2015