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Tue 24th May 2016
Eliminating IT & Voice Service Disruptions
Tue 24th May 2016
Understanding & Managing the CFPB Complaint Process
Wed 25th May 2016
Audit Compliance Series:  Developing Quality & Efficiency in Your IT Audit
Thu 26th May 2016
Debt Collection Series:  Real Estate Loan Workouts, Deeds in Lieu, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Defici
Thu 2nd Jun 2016
Lending Series:  Best Practices for Member Business Lending
Tue 7th Jun 2016
Hiring in the Digital Age :  What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Social Media
Wed 8th Jun 2016
Federal Government ACH Payments, Reclamations & Garnishments
Thu 9th Jun 2016
Cyber Series:  FFIEC Cyber Security Risk Assessments:  Recent Findings & Recommended Actions
Tue 14th Jun 2016
Comparing Regulation E Requirements with Visa & MasterCard Rules
Thu 16th Jun 2016
ACH Rules for Deceased Accountholders & Federal Government Payments
Tue 21st Jun 2016
The Growing Scope of Vendor Management:  Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Contract Negotiation &
Wed 22nd Jun 2016
Product Terms Part 1:  Modifying Existing Product Terms & Fees, Including Timing, Content & Requirem
Wed 22nd Jun 2016
Privacy Notice Compliance:  Content & Delivery
Thu 23rd Jun 2016
Legal Aspects of HELOCs:  Disclosures, Advertising, Termination, Credit Line Reduction & More
Tue 28th Jun 2016
Developing a Sound Appraisal Management Program
Wed 29th Jun 2016
Understanding FCRA Permissible Purposes in Obtaining Credit Reports
Wed 6th Jul 2016
Treasury Services:  New Delivery & Service Models for Cash Management
Thu 7th Jul 2016
Your Borrower Has Died:  Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid
Tue 12th Jul 2016
Director Series:  Board Oversight & Responsibility for ACH Risk
Wed 13th Jul 2016
Manufactured & Mobile Home Lending Standards & Eligibility:  Origination, Underwriting & Loan Closin
Thu 14th Jul 2016
Call Report Preparation for New Preparers & Reviewers
Tue 19th Jul 2016
Debt Collection Series:  Advanced Collection Concepts, Compliance & Risks
Wed 20th Jul 2016
Analyzing & Managing Escrow Accounts for Overages, Deficiencies & Delinquencies
Thu 21st Jul 2016
Countdown to Same-Day ACH:  Deadline September 23, 2016
Tue 26th Jul 2016
Frontline Series:  Risks & Precautions for Endorsements & Other Negotiable Instruments
Wed 27th Jul 2016
Understanding Letters of Credit:  Rules, Responsibilities & Liabilities
Thu 28th Jul 2016
Overdraft Outlook:  Litigation Lessons, Avoiding Violations & Best Practices
Wed 3rd Aug 2016
Product Terms Part 2:  Establishing New Product & Service Controls
Wed 3rd Aug 2016
Establishing New Product & Service Controls
Thu 4th Aug 2016
15 Errors to Avoid When Conducting Internal Investigations
Tue 9th Aug 2016
E-Mail Risks, Rules, Records & Regulations
Wed 10th Aug 2016
Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E
Thu 11th Aug 2016
Saving for Education:  Coverdell & College Savings Plans
Tue 16th Aug 2016
The Application Process for the New Mortgage Lender:  Mortgage Application 1003 Line-by-Line
Wed 17th Aug 2016
Quarterly Supervisory Committee Series:  Internal Controls & Due Diligence:  The Supervisory Committ
Thu 18th Aug 2016
Lending Series:  Consumer Loan Documentation
Tue 23rd Aug 2016
Complying with Final Military Lending Act Rule Changes Effective October 3, 2016
Wed 24th Aug 2016
Audit Compliance Series:  Auditing for BSA Compliance
Tue 30th Aug 2016
Frontline Series:  Essential Compliance Regulations for the Frontline
Wed 31st Aug 2016
IRA Conversions & Recharacterizations:  Understanding Requirements & Avoiding Errors
Wed 7th Sep 2016
Financial Literacy Part 1:  Understanding the NCUA Regulation & the 7 Critical Risk Areas Directors
Thu 8th Sep 2016
Lending Series:  Writing Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives
Tue 13th Sep 2016
Navigating Compliance Issues for Promotions, Bonuses, Contests & Sweepstakes
Mon 19th Sep 2016
HMDA Roadmap Part 1:  Impact, Important Changes & Implementation Considerations for Lenders
Tue 20th Sep 2016
Director Series:  Director & Officer Liability:  Rules, Risks & Trends
Wed 21st Sep 2016
ACH for the Frontline
Thu 22nd Sep 2016
Debt Collection Series:  Best Practices for Garnishments & Levies:  Getting It Right!
Tue 27th Sep 2016
Cyber Series:  Mobile Remote Deposit Strategies:  Technology, Deployment Models & Risks
Thu 29th Sep 2016
Maximizing LinkedIn to Build a “Social Selling” Culture
Tue 4th Oct 2016
Handling Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment
Wed 5th Oct 2016
Essential Compliance Regulations for Deposit Operations
Thu 6th Oct 2016
Avoiding the Top 10 Legal & Compliance Mistakes in the E-Statement Process
Tue 11th Oct 2016
HMDA Roadmap Part 2:  Operations Systems, Audit & Reporting Implications
Wed 12th Oct 2016
Frontline Series:  Skills & Tools for Improving Teller Performance
Thu 13th Oct 2016
Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral
Tue 18th Oct 2016
Liquidity Funding Concerns in a Rising Interest Rate Market
Wed 19th Oct 2016
Understanding Title Insurance Policies, Commitments & ALTA Endorsements
Thu 20th Oct 2016
Conducting the 2016 ACH Audit
Tue 25th Oct 2016
Debt Collection Series:  Maximizing Recoveries on Charged-Off Loans
Wed 26th Oct 2016
Audit Compliance Series:  Auditing Your Loan Portfolio:  Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate
Thu 27th Oct 2016
Financial Literacy Part 2:  Using Financial Statements & Key Ratios to Understand & Monitor Your Cre
Wed 2nd Nov 2016
Notary Essentials & Legalities for Credit Unions
Thu 3rd Nov 2016
Cyber Series:  Member Authentication & Validation:  The New Normal in Risk Mitigation
Wed 9th Nov 2016
Form 1099 Reporting:  Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More
Thu 10th Nov 2016
Audit Compliance Series:  Developing a Risk-Based Compliance Audit Process for Deposits
Mon 14th Nov 2016
Nonresident Alien Accounts:  W-8s, W-8BENs, BSA, Rules & More
Wed 16th Nov 2016
Quarterly Supervisory Committee Series:  What the Board Needs to Know to Manage IT
Thu 17th Nov 2016
Handling ACH Exceptions & Returns:  Unauthorized, Revoked, or Stop Payment?
Tue 22nd Nov 2016
Trust Accounts:  Opening, Transacting, Deposit Insurance & More
Tue 29th Nov 2016
Top 10 IRA Issues:  Compliance, Reporting, Death & Distributions
Wed 30th Nov 2016
Annual Robbery Training for All Staff
Thu 1st Dec 2016
Meaningful & Strategic Stress Testing:  A Valuable Board & Management Tool
Tue 6th Dec 2016
Cyber Series: Meeting Federal Requirements for Tech-Based Marketing:  Websites, Social Media, Robo C
Thu 8th Dec 2016
Rewarding & Retaining the Best Employees