ATM Programs

The Massachusetts Credit Union League shares the commitment of member credit unions to provide consumers with high-quality, low-cost financial services.  One service that has become central to the financial lives of consumers is access to automated teller machines (ATMs).  The League and credit unions share the consumer’s view that these machines should be convenient and inexpensive to use.

The League has been active in supporting the SUM program.  Credit union members throughout Massachusetts are enjoying access to ATM services without paying a surcharge through the NYCE Payments Network, LLC, an FIS Company, SUM selective surcharge program.  This program grew out of an effort by trade groups representing the financial services industry to provide their member institutions with a way that they could offer the consumers that they serve access to each other's ATMs and do so without surcharges.  The program has been extremely successful and now credit unions that are part of the SUM network can provide members surcharge free access to thousands of ATMs.

Click here to find an online directory of SUM ATM locations.

To learn more about the NYCE Payments Network and the ATM services that they provide to credit unions, you can click here.